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UGLYDOLL - 12" Babo Bear

UGLYDOLL - 12" Babo Bear
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Babo thinks Teddy Bears are SO awesome! But carrying them around is such a chore. First he has to deal with those sad individuals who tease him for carrying around a stuffed many times does Babo have to give THAT speech...right? You know...the one about how people who mock others or tease… they only do so because they are player haters and secretly wish they could do the same? Calling me a baby? Notice how adults with brief cases never tease people... it’s always LITTLE KIDDIES. Now who’s the baby. Then there’s the getting lost thing. Teddy Bears get lost! Hotels, restaurants, skydiving...forget it! So the easy fix is BE a Teddy Bear! Mega-smarty combo! Now he can be himself AND get on with the day.