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4M Solar Robot Kit

4M Solar Robot Kit
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Product Description

4M Solar Robot Kit
Learn how to make a moving robot using a solar panel and a motor. Watch it walk on a sunny day. No batteries are required. Recycle everyday materials as its body parts, this green powered robot can be transformed into a Dinosaur Robot or a Monster Robot, what have you.

Kit Contains
1 Solar Panel
1 Solar Panel Holder Plate
1 Support Arm
1 Gear Case Body (with motor and cams installed)
2 Arms (one each, right and left )
2 Legs (one each , right and left)
2 Feet
2 Terminal Caps
2 Body Template Support Clips
Washer Screws and Screws
1 Piece Double Sided Adhesive Foam
Detailed Instructions

Also required, but not included in this kit: Small Crosshead (Phillips Head) Screwdriver, 1 Empty Paper or Foam Cup & 2 Plastic Forks.