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Pustefix Soap Bubbles 2.3 oz

Pustefix Soap Bubbles 2.3 oz
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Pustefix means soap bubbles in German and these Pustefix bubbles are hands down the best on the market. Dr. Rolf Hein Nachfolger KG is the long name of a small company in Tbingen (Baden-Wrttemberg) that is best known by the brand name of its sole product: Pustefix soap bubbles. Pustefix got its start after World War II, when the companys namesake, Rolf Hein, a chemist and entrepreneur, experimented with soap-bubble mixtures until he hit upon the perfect solution. That blend, still used today, is non-toxic, bio-degradable and cheap to manufacture - and results in gorgeous streams of shimmering, long-lasting bubbles. 2.3 oz per tube