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Bitchionary Birthday Card

Bitchionary Birthday Card
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Product Description

Outside: Bitchionary: Bitchslap - To slap someone who is being rude and nasty - or in other words - being a bitch. Bitchabetes - The bad mood brought on by a lack of food. Bitchafiction - The process of morphing into a true major bitch. Bitchahellacockin' - Something that just plain freakin' rocks. Bitch-handles - The fat around the midriff of an obnoxious or intolerable girl. Essentially, love handles on a girl no one could possibly love. Bitchapalooza - The bitches' right to assemble Bitchassedness - A gifted individual who at the same time is inordinately bitchified ,bitchy, and an asshole. Bitchataki - An Asian bitch. Derived from the combination of Bitch and Teriyaki (as in sauce). Bitchacrite - A girl who says one thing and does the total opposite. Bitch-Squared - A bitch to the second power. Bitch-head - A zit on the face easily visible to others. Bitchtastic - A person who is hot, with a fabulous bitchiness in them.
Inside: Happy Birthday from one bitch to another.