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6” x 4” Stand Alone 3-D Display Jet Black Frame

6” x 4” Stand Alone 3-D Display Jet Black Frame
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Product Description

With the Z-Access Display Frame, showcased treasures can be seen and felt from a variety of angles, while staying safely protected from moisture, dust and fingerprints – an interactive display experience display cases made with rigid glass or acrylic can’t offer! What sets the Z-Access Display Frame apart from traditional frames, display cases and shadow boxes, is its clear flexible frame inserts which gently conform around objects placed between them. The puncture-resistant, dual inserts fit securely within the hinged frame enabling treasured objects of virtually any shape, to be suspended in full view. Don’t let those treasured life memories stay tucked away another day, proudly share them with your family and friends by prominently displaying them in the Z-Access Display Frame today!

6”x4” display area which holds both 3D or flat items.
Injection molded using a stylish composite resin.
Made in the USA.
Removable base can be placed so frame can be displayed horizontally or vertically.
Film inserts can be replaced if they become stretched or torn.