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LG Coloring Book: The War of the Worlds

LG Coloring Book: The War of the Worlds
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In The War of the Worlds, first published in 1898, H. G. Wells imagined a gripping story of invaders from Mars. The Martians, whose planet is growing ever colder, have come in search of a warmer, more hospitable place to live. After landing in England, they set about destroying earthly civilization. In this exciting coloring book version, the story is set in modern England. Thirty imaginative illustrations depict the landing of the Martian spacecraft, the alien monsters who emerge, their 100-foot-tall fighting machines, and the panic and terror that follow when they attack towns and cities with their deadly heat rays. Human beings fight back, but the Martians seem unstoppable. Who will win this life-or-death struggle? Find out as you color these realistic illustrations, accompanied by captions describing each scene. Coloring book lovers and science fiction fans will delight in bringing this classic tale to life. Author/Editor: John Green