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Drawing & Cartooning Monsters

Drawing & Cartooning Monsters
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A Step-by-Step Guide for the Aspiring Monster-Maker. Aspiring cartoonists can learn to draw a gallery of fiends, from Dracula and other ghouls to more exotic monsters. More than 40 lessons by a celebrated cartoonist show how to progress from basic shapes to detailed, professional-looking images. Tony Tallarico, author of the popular "Where Are They?" series, presents each lesson in three or four easy-to-follow steps that show how to fill in the details that result in drawings of spectacularly spooky monsters. In addition, a five-page script for a horror comic, complete with rough layouts and tips on lettering, offers a chance to practice newly acquired skills by finishing the script's cartoon images and filling in the dialog! Author/Editor: Tony Tallarico, Sr.