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The Office Space Kit

The Office Space Kit
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Office Space, the universally laugh-out-loud movie that pokes fun at the everyday monotony and pointlessness of modern office life, has become a cult classic among viewers. More than 5 million DVD and VHS copies of Office Space have shipped, and a new special DVD edition was just released in November of 2005. Now, for the first time ever, comes the official Office Space Kit that gives you everything you need to survive Mondays in the cubicle. The perfect gift for anyone and everyone who breaks into a sweat just thinking about their job, The Office Space Kit is for all the minions out there whose TPS reports just aren’t cutting it. Includes the office accessories featured in the movie: Milton’s Red Stapler Lumbergh’s Initech Mug “Is this Good for the Company?” Sign Starter “Flair” “PC Load Letter” Copy Machine Sticker Your Very Own “Jump To Conclusions” Mat A Humorous 32-Page Book