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The Cold Turkey: A 1-Step Program Kit

The Cold Turkey: A 1-Step Program Kit
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Forget pills, patches, mantras, and the buddy system--more people who successfully quit smoking, drinking, overeating, or other toxic behavior do it using this long-standing, popular program. Better than just the concept of Cold Turkey, we've stuffed an actual Cold Turkey into this box as a carry-along reminder and stress-reducing squeezy toy. When temptation strikes, simply squeeze the heck out of your buddy. You can't get that kind of frustration outlet with any other sponsor or friend without jail time. Plus, you'll get an amusing, lighthearted guide to the Cold Turkey program (which offers immediate results) with a handy 2" x 18" scroll. A funny, fantastic gift for any time of year, but the must-have product for a New Year, new you.