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Baby Boomer's Eye Chart

Baby Boomer's Eye Chart
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This is a great humor gift aimed at the over 77 million Baby Boomers and the $2.1 trillion they have to spend. Perfect for anyone who's got a 50th or 60th birthday party to attend and needs that special little coup de grace. The Baby Boomers have been smug and satisfied for quite some time now. They've claimed credit for liberating women, inventing rock music and recreational drug use, getting rid of the draft, winning 18-year-olds the vote, and temporarily lowering the drinking age. In short, everything that makes life worth living. Unfortunately, the generation famous for breaking down walls is also officially in danger of breaking a hip, and it's our responsibility to remind them of their real age before somebody gets hurt. These eye charts are a hilarious eye-opener to the facts and realities of what happens when Baby Boomers grow up, grow old, and trade in their rock and roll for rocking chairs.