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Fortune-Telling Book of Names

Fortune-Telling Book of Names
Item# 9780811863810

Product Description

By A. M. McCloud

Dimensions: 3-3/4 x 4-3/4 in. 204 pages. Faux leather cover, gilded edges, sewing binding, ribbon page marker. Paperback.

What's in a name? It doesn't take a crystal ball to find out this delightful book unlocks the secrets held within hundreds of names. Each entry features a personalized fortune, uncovering whether a name foretells health, wealth, or happiness. And for further divination, there are also fun extras such as name origin, spelling variations, popular names throughout history, and a primer on the art of numerology. Featuring gilded pages and charming vintage illustrations, this luxe volume the latest companion to our best-selling Fortune-Telling titles is sure to cast a spell over anyone who sees it and makes a great gift for expecting parents!