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Porn for the Bride

Porn for the Bride
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From the Cambridge Women, Photographs by Gretchen LeMaistre

"Of course I'm wearing a ring. I want everyone to know Im taken!"

The Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative is back with a new installment in the Porn for Women series, this time with 40 titillating scenarios for the blushing bride. Glossy photos showcase ultra-handsome, ultra-sincere grooms thoroughly engaged in every detail of the big day. Engraved invitations or embossed? Freesia or peonies? Tiffany or Limoges? It's so hard to choose. These hotties write the thank-you notes, insist the bride put on some weight before the wedding, and best of all, they take over the cooking and cleaning so she can rest up before the big day. Who wouldn't say "I do" to that?