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Field Guide to Birds

Field Guide to Birds
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Written as the research notebook of a 1920s naturalist who's just completed an expedition to Vietnam, India, Australia, and other countries, The Field Guide to Birds offers kids an in-depth look at the remarkable creatures that fly through the skies of these lands, as well as a hands-on experience with eight exotic birds to assemble. They'll learn how the north island brown kiwi finds food in the dark (even though it has very small eyes), and how the green peacock targets a poisonous coral snake for a snack. They'll also learn where to find the black kite, the Wilson's bird of paradise, and other remarkable birds. The lands of southern Asia and Oceania are home to some of the world's most beautiful and strange birds. There's the greater flamingo, whose color is determined by its diet, and the golden bowerbird, who croaks like a bullfrog. They're not like the birds kids see in their own backyards or keep in cages in their living rooms—but with The Field Guide to Birds, they'll get to know them just as well! With the pieces to assemble eight exotic birds themselves, The Field Guide to Birds also provides kids with a unique, hands-on experience. By following the simple instructions and placing their birds in the removable diorama, they'll become at-home explorers, getting closer than ever before to seeing these wild creatures in their natural habitats. The Field Guide to Birds takes kids on the adventure of a lifetime—without leaving home! By Nancy Honovich.