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Customer Service

When will my order items be shipped out?
We aim to fulfill all orders within 48 hours and ship them Monday-Friday 10am-7pm EST. The arrival date will depend on the distance it travels from Atlanta, Georgia.
A majority of our items are in stock and ready for purchase. But because our items are on the shop floor at our two locations the immediate availability information is estimated. If items are unavailable or delayed, we immediately contact the customer about their order's status.

Why is my order being delayed?
Delays may be caused by having to transfer stock from another location, needing to restock, or the item(s) in your order are limited or no longer available. We contact the customer if their order is being delayed or if an item(s) are no longer available.

I want to order for an event and need a large number of items ASAP. How much is in stock for immediate shipment?
For special events and high priority orders, please Contact Us about the availability of the item(s) in question and how soon you need them.

What qualifies for a Special Order?
1. Orders for a large quantity of a single item.
2. Customer requests to have a special item ordered from one of our suppliers.

Special orders are defined on the case-to-case basis.