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Picks Of The Week

-Miho's Favorites-


Travel Chopsticks

Not just for snacking on your Mongolian Beef! Need something to keep your hair out of your face? Need to poke at icky, gooey things without getting your hands messy? Need to let the air out of someone's tires? Need to fend off the zombies when they attack? Travel sized chopsticks! They are collapsible, come in a fun case, made of stainless steel, and have natural hardwood tips. Length 8".

Airfork One

Airfork One is now ready for boarding! Sometimes kids need a little coaxing to finish up that "yucky green stuff" so you make whooshing sounds as you feed them. Hopefully your kid has a good imagination and will allow your fork to land. If not, this fun aerodynamic fork will surely help with those safe landings.

Souper Spoon

Can't get your kid to eat some yummy porridge? Can't even coax him after stirring in tons of sugar and honey? Well this is the solution for you! With Souper Spoon, turn any liquid dish into an adventure for your young one. Let this action figure spoon entertain your kids as you sigh in relief of having clean bowls after a rough journey with this hero.

Extendable Fork

Sometimes your dinner portion just isn't big enough. Sometimes the person who has way too many leftovers on their plate is just a bit out of reach. Well it won't be anymore! Introducing the Extendable Fork, the one fork you need to reach for your stomach's satisfaction. Extends up to 25"!!!