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Sprout Your Own Sweet Scents

Sprout Your Own Sweet Scents
Item# 9780811861083

Product Description

This clever kit has everything young gardeners need to grow three plants with sweet-as-candy scents. Easy-to-follow instructions make growing these fragrant plants simple, fun, and fast, as the plants will have scented leaves in as little as two weeks. The book features recipes and herb-drying instructions so kids can make use of their harvests.
Seed packets: Cinnamon Basil, Lemon Balm, and Spearmint

Kit includes:
3 see-through biodegradable planters, so kids can watch roots grow
3 seed packets
3 dried peat pellets (just soak in water to expand)
Stickers to decorate the planters
Book with growing instructions, plant science and history, science-fair experiments, recipes, and more!