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Shouting "Oh God"
Shouting "Oh God" in bed on Sunday morning is not the same as going to Church. It's your Birthday. Sin a little.
Zebras with Mouths Open
Happy Birthday to you... From all of us!
Friggin' Pony
Outside: So where's my friggin' Pony?
Inside: Happy Friggin' Birthday!
Keep Fit
Lying on the couch best way to keep fit- Hope all your birthday wishes come true!
It Sure Doesn't Look
It sure doesn't look like the egg in the picture. ... Happy Birthday . You sure don't look your age!
Girl and Birdcage
Hope your day is full of delights. Happy Birthday.
I'm Not Laughing
I'm not laughing on the inside, either...but seriously, Have a Happy Birthday!
St. Billy Joe of Bob
Outside: Saint Billy Joe of Bob: Patron Saint of Trailer Parks
Inside: Pass the pork rinds and have a happy birthday.
May I Buy You A Cocktail?
May I buy you a cocktail?
Alcohol is bad for my legs.
Do they swell?
No they spread.
Spread the word - it's your birthday!
Special wishes for a beautiful birthday.
Birthday greetings sent your way.
Face In Cake - The Last Time
That was the last time that George made any comments about Edna's AGE. Happy Birthday.
Unknown - Enjoy the Trip
A birthday is the first day of another 365 days around the sun. Enjoy the trip!
One hell of a guy
She was one hell of a guy
Fake Udders Birthday Card
Outside: I don't care if they are fake. I like 'em.
Inside: You're udderly amazing. Happy Birthday.
Normal Tits
Hell, they look perfectly normal to me..... Don't get old, get even. Happy Birthday.
Woman With Cigarette
It's not easy being beautiful. Haappy Birthday.
When Pigs Fly
Time to start acting you're age? When pigs fly! Happy Birthday.
Older...Wiser...More Annoying
Inside: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG to an old old old old friend.
Bitchionary Birthday Card
Bitchionary: Happy Birthday from one bitch to another.
Someone Wants to Talk to You
Hey asshole! Someone wants to talk to you! ... Happy Birthday, Tiger!
Outside: The Obamanator: Hope
Inside Reads: HOPE you have a super birthday!
Cat Facing Whale Shaped Bushes
Happy birthay and many mower.
Little Boy Pointing
Have your people call my people and we'll do cake!
Cat In Cage
A little bird told me you’re a year older. (so I ate him)
Liquid Viagara Card
New Liquid Viagra! The Anti-Soft Drink! Who needs a cocktail when you can have a great stiff drink! It's your birthday...take it like a man! Happy Birthday!
Swallowed a Quarter
True story. My cousin Lenny swallowed a quarter on Tuesday. On Wednesday he shat out two dimes and a nickel. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday.
Have a seriously happy birthday!
She Was Beginning To Worry
She was beginning to worry..did she look like a monkey? Did she smell like one too? Happy birthday to you. You belong in a zoo.
Don't worry about age
Now, don't you worry about your age. It's just a number (that is ridiculously high.) Happy Birthday.
Trust Me, Miss Blake Birthday Card
Outside: Trust me, Miss Blake. No one will ever notice you're wearing a hearing aid.
Inside: Heard you were having another birthday. Hope it's a good one.
Your Horoscope
Your Horoscope Destiny written inn the Stars. You are a Creature of Harmonious Conflict, Intelligent Beyond Reason, Seriously Wity and Hopelessly Cheerful. You are Swift to Procrastine, Slow to Jump to Conclusions and Always Ready to Wait....You are a Perfect Friend It's your FATE! Happy Birthday!
Garbage Out Birthday Card
Outside: It's the only way I can get him to take out the garbage.
Inside: Get trashed on your birthday.
Birthday Greetings!
3 Old Ladies on Bench
Whatever you do, don't start acting your age!
Older Than You
The Fewer the Wrinkles
The higher the velocity, the fewer the wrinkles. Happy Birthday!
Dog Helps Cat Into Refridgerator
It's your birthday! Go for it!
Dogs and Cat Singing on Mics
All together now… Happy Birthday to yooooooouuu!
Milk It For All It's Worth
It's your birthday… milk it for all it's worth.
Who Are You Again?
Ice Cream Man
I scream, you scream, we all scream… 'cause we're getting older! Have a sweet birthday!
Woman Tanning
It's not easy staying hot, but somehow you manage!
Girl at Chalk Board
I will not wash down my birthday cake with vodka. This birthday, please try and behave yourself.
Another birthday? Bon Appetite.
Drag Queens
Honey, the older we get, the better we look.
Trailer and Satellite
Take a break from life in the fast lane and have a Happy Birthday.
Italian Ice Cream
There are some things we'll never outgrow.
Tea Party
You’re so grown up.
Bathing Beauties
High maintenance then, higher maintenance now.
Prince and Pizza
For your birthday I thought you might like a prince with a lot of dough.
Junior Executive
You'll go far.
Bubble Wrap Kids
Be ready for anything on your birthday!
Hope your birthday is a humdinger!
XO Elephant
Hugs and Kisses on your birthday.
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